When should I Post on Pinterest?

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A really common question you may be asking yourself is “When should I post on Pinterest?” And just like any other social media platform, you would think that there are better time frames and days to post than others.

I’m breaking this question up into 3 parts to better answer it for you.

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When to Post On Pinterest

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Part 1: Everyday Pinning

For everyday pinning, there is no specific time of day that is better than another. This is because Pinterest is a search engine, more than social media.

When you think of writing blog posts for Google, it doesn’t matter the time of day they post. What does matter is your consistency and keywords with your posts. Pinterest is the same way. In order for your Pin to get the MOST traction, the BEST time to post doesn’t matter.

What matters IS making sure you have keywords optimized to your Pinterest pin, and aligned with your Pinterest business profile. That being said, if you are consistently posting every morning each week, that is the best time for you. If you start posting every few days at random times, then your pins won’t take off as well.

Pinterest is a platform that will adapt to your habits of posting. So as long as you’re consistent, keep posting in a consistent pattern instead of worrying about what time of day to post.

Part 2: Holiday Pinning

The best time to post a pin for the holidays is about 45-60 days prior to the holiday. For major holidays such as Christmas, you could even post up to 3 months in advance.

The time of day doesn’t matter, but posting holiday-specific content prior to the holiday will serve you best. The reason why is, a lot of Pinners are planners. When you put your content out there 1 week before the holiday, you’ll miss all of those planners’ potential pin clicks and saves.

Some Pinners aren’t planners, so you’re still able to post holiday-specific content up to the holiday, but making sure you get those planner pinners is going to be really good for your business growth.

Part 3: Weekend Pinning

If you have a very large audience, who are active with Pinterest on the weekends and enjoy your Idea Pins or video pins, then I recommend posting both Saturday and Sunday. But if your content doesn’t relate to weekend work, then it won’t make a difference.

For example: If you’re a food blogger, and you post a ton of entertaining recipes for those entertaining. I can imagine those pins taking off more on the weekend.

But, if you’re a coach, with clients who are online business owners, there’s a good chance they’re not working or using Pinterest on the weekends because they are in “Family Time” mode. In this case, posting on the weekends wouldn’t make a difference for you.

Action Step:

Your action step for is to decide on a consistent time of day, and what days you’ll be posting on Pinterest. There are lots of schedulers out there, and you’re even able to schedule for FREE with Pinterest’s won scheduler.

Personally, I rarely schedule pins unless I’m going out of town for an extended period of time. The reason behind this is that like any platform, Pinterest loves to see its users on the platform. When you hop on to pin, you hang around for a bit pinning others and searching. This boosts your profile with Pinterest since you’re actively using the platform vs just posting and ghosting.

In conclusion,

If you plan on using a scheduler or not, figure out a consistent date and time-ish to pin on Pinterest and stick with it.

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