5 Time-Saving Pinterest Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

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As a busy entrepreneur, keeping up with multiple social media platforms can be hard. Here are 5 time-saving Pinterest hacks to help you get your Pinterest posting done quicker.

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Time-Saving Pinterest Hacks

1. Niche-Specific Keywords

Spend the time, about 1 hour, digging into the Pinterest Trends tool and making a list of keywords for your niche. I recommend having a list of the top 10 you want to be known for. Then about 10-20 others that are related and can help you with content ideas.

When you go to post a pin, and write a description, check out your keywords list and add a few of them. Also, if you’re looking for a quick content idea, check out your keywords list and write something related to a keyword.

2. Pin Templates

Designing new pins every time you create content can be long and tedious work. Pin templates are there to save you time. There are ton of free or paid templates you can use. Simple edit your colors, and font with Canva. Then the next time you write a new blog post, edit all the titles and images. I have about 4 packs of Pin templates I personally rotate through with pin design. Save time and use a template instead of making new pins with every blog post.

3. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

Yep, you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice. Repurpose your content. This is a great post teaching you how to repurpose your Instagram content for Pinterest. There are so many ways you can repurpose your blog posts, videos, and podcasts and use those pins as standard or idea pins. The sky really is your limit, and repurposing your content will save you so much time.

4. Create more

I’m not talking about more content (although that never hurts), I’m talking about more pins.

Did you know you can create as many pins as you want for each blog post or video?

Currently, with my time allowance, I create 12 pins per blog post, which includes pins for the YouTube video and Podcast. So about 4 pins per type of content, but 12 pins for the same content.

Try creating more than just 3 pins per post using those awesome templates you found.

5. Have a plan

Making sure you have a strategic plan with Pinterest will save you time. When you have your Profile optimized, your keyword strategy in place, and a streamlined pinning strategy, everything will work together seamlessly to bring in more brand awareness, traffic, and leads. The POG method will help you develop your own plan.

Action Step:

Your action step is to pick 1 of the 5 time-saving Pinterest hacks mentioned above and apply it to your Pinterest marketing strategy to save more time with social media marketing.

In conclusion,

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a search engine. That means the need to engage and comment on every pin is not needed. Provide content that helps, stay consistent, and keep up with a quality pinning strategy. None of this will take more than 10 minutes a day. You’ve got this!

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