3 Pinterest Metrics To Track

With the Pinterest business hub, it’s really easy to get sidetracked and be focusing on all the wrong numbers.

It can be so frustrating to see your monthly views and followers go up, but not see much more traffic or more sales like planned.

Keep reading for the top 3 Pinterest metrics to track EACH MONTH (notice how I didn’t say weekly?)

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Pinterest Metrics To Track

1. Traffic

The biggest key metric to track is how much traffic you’re getting from Pinterest each month. I highly recommend using Google Analytics to use as it will be the most accurate.

It’s important to notice your traffic hopefully keep going up but also notice the “seasonal” spikes and dips in your traffic. Let’s say you promote your homeschool curriculum, you’ll probably see a huge spike July through September. The start of the school year. Ideally each year, those months should be higher than the previous months. Whereas November could always be a “dud” in traffic, as they’re looking for more holiday ideas.

Check your traffic. Compare it to the previous month, but also the previous year– the same month.

2. Top Performing Pin Impressions

These will most likely be your idea pins, but you also want to look at your specific standard pin impressions. This can be done in your Pinterest Analytics board on Pinterest.

When looking for impressions, these high pins could mean a few things.

  1. The image is doing really well
  2. It’s a hot topic right then
  3. Your keywords worked well
  4. All together, everything was great

Digging into your impressions will help you understand what pin images, styles, headlines, keywords all work well. Take that information, and keep growing on it and creating more pins following what’s working with the impressions.

If you find pins that are getting really great impressions, but no clicks. Why do you think that is? Are you using a “clickbait” headline? Are you promising something on the pin, but put the wrong link, or didn’t follow through with your promise. Be careful of these because if Pinterest users click on your website, then jump back to Pinterest quickly, this can lead your pin or profile to get marked as spam.

3. Top Performing Pin Outbound Clicks

You’ll search for these on your standard pins, in your basic Pinterest analytics dashboard. These may be the same as your impression, if they are, then you’re totally nailing it with that pins image, title, keywords, and description.

These pins with high outbound clicks are telling you that your keywords and header are right on. Also, it’s a topic your ideal client is interested in.

If these pins don’t have a high impression but do have high clicks, then what can you change to help improve the pin?

In conclusion

Digging into your pin analytics vs just comparing your monthly views and follower count will help you grow on Pinterest and boost your Pinterest marketing by sticking with what’s working. When you know what’s working, you can replicate that and keep growing.

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Pinterest Action Tip:

Set aside 30 min this week and dig into those 3 metrics.

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