Manual Pinning VS Scheduled Pinning

If you’re just getting started with Pinterest marketing, it could be confusing to understand the difference between manual VS scheduled pinning. Let’s start by defining the 2 types of schedulers, and digging into which is better. Listen or watch below. Manual VS Scheduled Pinning Listen Here: Watch Here: Action Step: If you are […]

Pinterest Stats Improving But No Sales From Pinterest

It’s Pinterest Q & A time over here! Question: All my Pinterest stats are up but I’m not getting any traffic or sales. What does that mean? First, off, let’s be clear. That is AMAZING that you’re starting to see more Pin clicks, monthly views, and overall Pinterest engagement. Celebrate that win, because that is […]

How To Start As A Pinterest VA

You LOVE Pinterest and are ready to start working from home as a Pinterest VA and get paid. So, how do you start as a Pinterest VA? The first thing you want to have before starting is excitement and LOVE for Pinterest. You don’t want to think of it as just a job… that will […]

BEST Pinterest Course For Online Business Owners

It’s Pinterest Q & A time over here! Question: What Pinterest course do you recommend for online business owners? A few podcasts ago, I talked about 2 questions to ask before investing in a Pinterest course, and that was the follow-up question. Let’s dive into the best Pinterest course for online business owners now. Listen […]

2 Questions To Before Investing In A Pinterest Course

If you’re looking to invest in a Pinterest course, I highly recommend digging into these 2 questions first. Each course will have its own content and will come at varying prices. You may feel torn between 2 different courses and wonder which would work best for you. Let’s help you solve that problem… 2 Questions […]

How Much Time To Spend With Pinterest Marketing & Other Social Media

It’s Pinterest Q & A time over here! This is a great one, and to be honest, as a Pinterest marketer, you’d be surprized with this answer. Question: If you plan to devote all of your time to Pinterest, how much should you be posting on your other social media sites? ???? This is a […]

Setting Up A Pinterest Profile: 4 Things I Would Do Different Next Time

Pinterest is a search engine, and like other platforms, it’s constantly changing. Here are a few things I would do differently when setting up my profile in 2023 instead of when I started back in 2016. Follow along below for 4 tips for setting up a Pinterest profile. 4 Things I Would Do Differently… Listen […]

How To Add More Variety To Pinterest Pins

Question: “I’m struggling to stay consistent with scheduled pins because I get stuck in perfectionism with having a different title, caption, link, and image on the Pin. What would you say is the most important thing when it comes to variety in Pins?” Thank you so much for submitting this question, if you’d like to […]

When Should You Use A Scheduler for Pinterest?

If you’d rather keep on the move and listen, here you go: Which Pinterest scheduler should you use? Should I just do manual Pinning? When do I actually need to use a scheduler with Pinterest Marketing? All common questions, let’s dig into if you should use a scheduler with Pinterest or not. Watch Here: […]

Why Is Pinterest A Game Changer For Your Business?

If you’d rather keep on the move and listen, here you go: You may have heard a number of times “You should be on Pinterest”. But why? Why should you invest the time in learning another social media platform for your business? Read now to discover 7 ways Pinterest can be a game changer […]

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Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?