Pinterest Marketing Without A Blog

One of the biggest concerns with beginner business owners is a blog. It’s time-consuming to create blog posts on top of creating products and making sure your website is ready. So, is Pinterest marketing even possible without a blog? Yes, it 100% is. Pinterest Marketing Without a Blog Follow along and I’ll dive into 6 […]

Should I Pin Others Content?

Question: Should I just pin my content, or can I pin others? There’s been this tug-a-war between Pinterest strategy. You’ve probably heard only to pin your content but also heard others (like myself) recommend repinning others’ content. So, what’s the truth? Listen or watch below and let’s dive into the BEST strategy for you. Should […]

How To Make Money With Pinterest Marketing

“I’ve been needing to make more money with your blog or side hobby and decided to give Pinterest a try.” You love being on it, why not use it to make money? Today I’m explaining to you the 4 ways you can make money using Pinterest to grow your blog or side business. Are you […]

How Many Pinterest Boards Do I Need?

Question: How many Pinterest boards do I need to grow my profile effectively? This is a super important question and a good one to ask. After performing more than 100 Pinterest audits, which range from 3 to 100+ boards… there’s one common theme that I find missing with your number of Pinterest boards. Listen or […]

Pinterest Numbers Dropping: This is New

After finally deciding to up your Pinterest strategy, optimize your profile, and stay consistent with Pinterest marketing, you are starting to see your Pinterest numbers dropping. Why?! Don’t panic, this can be super common for a few business owners who have a very basic/generalized profile. Let’s dig in! Why Are Your Pinterest Numbers Dropping? Listen […]

Pinterest Account Clean-Up: Best Practices

Question: What are your best practices when cleaning up a Pinterest account? If you haven’t done anything with Pinterest in a while or you’ve shifted directions in your business, it may be time for a Pinterest Account Clean-Up. Listen or watch below for 4 steps to cleaning up your Pinterest profile. 4 Steps To Clean-Up […]

How To Use Pinterest As An Entrepreneur 2024

You may have heard how amazing Pinterest Marketing is for entrepreneurs, but can’t quite wrap your head around how to use it to make money and attract website traffic, and email leads. It’s time to take 10 minutes and learn about Pinterest marketing for entrepreneurs. Listen or watch below. How To Use Pinterest As An […]

Manual Pinning VS Scheduled Pinning

If you’re just getting started with Pinterest marketing, it could be confusing to understand the difference between manual VS scheduled pinning. Let’s start by defining the 2 types of schedulers, and digging into which is better. Listen or watch below. Manual VS Scheduled Pinning Listen Here: Watch Here: Action Step: If you are […]

Pinterest Stats Improving But No Sales From Pinterest

It’s Pinterest Q & A time over here! Question: All my Pinterest stats are up but I’m not getting any traffic or sales. What does that mean? First, off, let’s be clear. That is AMAZING that you’re starting to see more Pin clicks, monthly views, and overall Pinterest engagement. Celebrate that win, because that is […]

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Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?