How Can Pinterest Help Me Grow My Business

LOVE using Pinterest but have 100% no clue how to use it to grow your business? Learn how to get the the head of a Pinterest user to grow your business

Do you LOVE using Pinterest but wonder “How can I grow my business on Pinterest?”

You are in the right spot! I’m not here to teach you why it’s so important for your business, you can learn about that here.

I’m here to help you understand how to get into the head of a Pinterest user so you can maximize the platform to grow your business (direct sales, coaching, services, etc).

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How to Grow My Business with Pinterest

Head on over here for a quick video about how to get in the head of a Pinterest user to understand how to use the platform to your benefit.

I was just on a call with a potential client the other day. They were interested in Pinterest, loved using it for personal use, but had 100% no clue how to use it for Pinterest for their business.

What Do Users Do?

First, you want to know what the goal of a Pinterest user is. As a user of Pinterest, you hop on to look for specific things. For example, you may look for DIY Halloween costumes, how to start a business, 4-year-old birthday gifts, or other things.

But, as a Business Owner, How Can I Grow My Business on Pinterest?

You want to use Pinterest to get traffic to your website, new leads, get in front of potential clients, and ultimately make an income right? As a business owner, your goal is to use each pin to lead the “user” to your website and landing pages. From your website and landing pages, you get them to take the next step with you, which may be:

  • Sign up for your email list
  • Schedule a consult
  • Purchase a low priced offer

-> FREE Pinterest Business Start-Up Guide HERE <-

Once you add value and get them to take that next step with you. Then you’re able to connect with them more. After that, they take more steps with you and work their way down your funnel. Then they can become a top paying client or customer.

How Pinterest is a 3 Part Business Plan

Basically, Pinterest is like a 3 part business plan.

  1. First, you get cold/warm traffic from Pinterest to click on your pin
  2. Then, they land on your website and sign up for a freebie
  3. Finally, they’re on your email list and you market your products to them and turn them into a paying customer.
How to grow my business with Pinterest -  Learn how to get into the head of a Pinterest user to grow your business

In Conclusion

Pinterest doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a very simple social media platform (which isn’t social at all). In addition, it allows you to find cold/warm traffic specifically looking for your help.

If you’re ready to dive into Pinterest, head on over here to learn more about developing a Pinterest strategy for your business and download my free guide below.

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