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What's the deal with followers on Pinterest? Are they important to grow your business? Do you need them? What happens if you have "spammy" followers?

What’s the deal with followers on Pinterest? Are they important to grow your business? Do you need them? What happens if you have “spammy” followers? How often should you be following others?

Keep reading/watching below and you’ll get the down and dirty information about Pinterest followers… In addition, you may learn a few things which may be been kept secret to you before.

“This was the single best information on boards and followers that I’ve gotten thus far – no fluff, no sales, valuable straightforward information. Thank you again and truly looking forward to your information here on the page!” -Sierra

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Followers on Pinterest

Head on over here for a quick video about followers and Pinterest, or read about it below.

Followers on Pinterest Don’t Matter

#It’sTheTruth… even though it may hurt. Unlike other social media platforms, followers on Pinterest don’t make any difference at all. Yeah, it may look and feel great to have a ton of followers, but it doesn’t change the way your pins perform, and who clicks on your pins.

What Happens When Someone Follows Me on Pinterest?

When someone followers you OR one of your boards, both count as “1” follower. Any person you follow, and any of the pins they pin will show up in your “Followers” feed on Pinterest. You can find this feed on the top bar of Pinterest 2-3 across to the right titled “Following” or an image of 2 heads.

If someone followed you, all of you, they will see every single pin you pin and re-pin. If someone just followed 1 board or a few boards, they will see every pin you pin or re-pin to those boards.

As a Business Owner… What You Need to Know About Followers on Pinterest

As a business owner, it is good for you to follow other people who pin similar content which will help your clients.
1. Because the pins in your followers feed are good quality pins to share with your potential leads
2. You are a “team player” and Pinterest will support you more and show your pins
*The key thing to keep in mind is that you want to follow quality businesses that pin good pins, and not spammy ones.

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Tips to Following People on Pinterest as a Business Owner

The key to successful manual pinning from your followers feed, is that you’ve followed good people and boards. Do these steps to make sure you’re following the right people/boards.

1. Check out their website link in their profile. Make sure it’s a quality website you would feel comfortable sending people to.
2. Follow their website board only, if they have a board which is only pins related to their website. The reason why, is you don’t always know if they are re-pinning quality pins. But, all of their pins on their website board will lead to their website, which in turn, you’ll know they’re a quality pin.
3. Follow any boards which are relevant to your target client. Many business have dozens of boards and half of them don’t relate to their target client (which actually limits their Pinterest potential… ). So you want to make sure you are only following boards that will have pins to help your target clients.

followers on Pinterest

In Conclusion

The number of followers you have or people you follow makes no difference at all with your Pinterest success. But, you are able to utilize who you follow and their re-pins to boost your manual pinning strategy and improve your Pinterest success.

If you find yourself following a ton of non-relevant business, then clean up your follower feed, and follow this post to clean up your Pinterest account to see better success.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Follow 5 people or boards which pin quality pins which can help your potential clients.

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