Pinterest Account Cleaning Hacks

Ready to freshen up your Pinterest profile and reap the benefits of increased traffic and sales from Pinterest? We’ll dive into 4 steps below -> FREE Training “Make Money With Pinterest” Get it now<- Pinterest Account Cleaning Hacks First off, if you’d rather listen than read, do so here (and be sure to pin it […]

How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

A little while back Pinterest affiliate marketing was non-existent. Not in a way that it wasn’t there, but that the conversion to sales rate was practically zero, it was pointless. Let’s dive into the steps and learn how to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing. -> FREE Training “Make Money With Pinterest” Get it now<- […]

What To Do When Pinterest De-Indexed Your Pin

Panicking that Pinterest has marked you as “spam” and de-indexed your pins? Keep reading for what to do when Pinterest de-indexed your pin. -> FREE Training “Make Money With Pinterest” Get it now<- How To Know If You’ve Been De-Indexed? There are a few things to be on the lookout for if you feel like […]

3 Pinterest Metrics To Track

With the Pinterest business hub, it’s really easy to get sidetracked and be focusing on all the wrong numbers. It can be so frustrating to see your monthly views and followers go up, but not see much more traffic or more sales like planned. Keep reading for the top 3 Pinterest metrics to track EACH […]

How To Write Emails Each Week

Once you start getting great traffic from Pinterest, and your email list starts growing, it can be kinda stressful to come up with how to write emails each week. How do you get content to write in your email? It’s so hard to just stare at a blank screen, and try to think of something […]

Top 3 Ways To Grow On Pinterest

Ready to drive more traffic to your website and blog this year with organic Pinterest marketing? Here are 3 things you want to do to see Pinterest growth in 2022. -> STAY UPDATED WITH PINTEREST FREE TRAINING<- 3 Ways To Grow On Pinterest 1. Use niche specific SEO keywords Pinterest is a search engine. This […]

3 Idea Pin Call To Actions To Grow Your Email List

Are you getting great views with your idea pins but not able to grow your email list from it? Even without being able to link up your website to an idea pin, you can still get great engagement and grow your email list. Read below for three calls to action to add at the end […]

How To Get Pinterest To Work

Are you struggling to figure out how to get Pinterest to work with your specific blog niche? You see everyone doing great but you don’t know if it would actually work for what you do? Or how to make it work for your specific business? Read below for three steps and take action now. -> […]

40+ Pinterest Title Ideas To Improve Your Click Rate

Struggling to figure out the “best title” for your pin to get more organic traffic from Pinterest? I’ll let you in on a secret, there isn’t a “best” title, but here is a list of 20+ Pinterest title ideas to get your gears running and come up with 3-5 “great” titles for your pins to […]

4 Pinterest Growth Hacks For Pinterest Marketing

If you’ve been struggling to see Pinterest growth this past year, or just looking to start Pinterest marketing in the new year, here are 4 tips that will work no matter the algorithm changes.  -> STAY UPDATED WITH PINTEREST FREE TRAINING<- 4 Pinterest Growth Hacks 1. Optimize SEO Keywords Whether you’re new to Pinterest or […]