Why A Pinterest Course?

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First off, let’s be 100% clear. You do not need a Pinterest course.

Just like anything else in life, if you have the time, and patience, you can learn anything you need to do online.

It just takes digging, patience, and trial and error.

To be completely honest, I learned Pinterest marketing myself 100% without purchasing a Pinterest course.

You can do it too.

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/Y2DVGs4GX

How To Learn Pinterest for FREE

1. Find every Pinterest freebie out there you can (this will get you started)

2. Read every blog post about Pinterest you can

3. Do everything they say

4. Evaluate, and see what works, rince and repeat

That’s exactly what I did, and most of us “Pinterest Gurus” did.

We took the time, put in the trial and effort, and started seeing growth. New leads each month. Consistent website traffic. Consistent income coming in.

Grab your Quick Start Guide to Pintereset Marketing here.

I will be the first one to say you do NOT need a Pinterest course.

But I will also be the first one to say, I sure wish I wasn’t so stingy with my money first starting out…

  • Treating my business like a hobby.
  • Never investing in it or in my learning.
  • Doing every free thing out there… which surprisingly enough, all said the same thing.

Coughing up $100 for the first Pinterest class, investing in a few templates, and seeing growth sooner…. Would have saved so much stress, been much less frustrating, and moved the needle in my business 10x.

Can you imagine where you’ll be in your business 1 year from now?

Now 2 years from now…

After taking a course, you’ll be 2 years ahead of where you are now because you learn how to do Pinterest the quick and easy way. When you learn from someone who has already made every mistake and can tell you what to do and not do, you’ll be much further along than figuring it out on your own.

Because the truth is…

it really does take 6-12 months to start seeing growth on Pinterest… The SOONER you are on it, and understand how to use it in marketing, VS playing around with old strategies…new strategies… who knows what strategies… The SOONER you get it…

The sooner you’ll see results.

The sooner you’ll start saving yourself time on other social media.

The sooner you’ll grow your email list.

The sooner you’ll start automating your funnels.

The sooner you’ll start making consistent money.

Now, if you struggle with investing in a Pinterest course because of your money mindset (it was for me), then this book will be a game changer for you in your life and business.

Action Step:

Look at the way you are getting leads in your business. Decide if you need a simpler way to automate leads, so you can spend more time growing your business.

If so, If you’re ready to commit to the long-term process of Pinterest, then check out the POG ACADEMY.

Final words…

So… why a Pinterest course? You don’t need to invest in one. But if you want to save yourself hours of time, stress, and frustration, then I highly recommend you do. This one is great!

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