Pinterest Myth: Pinterest Takes Too Much Time

You may find yourself asking "What are Pinterest's best practices"? Especially with all the major changes in late 2020 and early 2021

What is the BIGGEST myth (and complaint) entrepreneurs come across when using Pinterest?

Pinterest takes too much time.

Guys, this is ALL wrong! Pinterest should not be taking you more than 10 min a day. Here’s why…

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Pinterest Takes Too Much Time

First off, you may be thinking Pinterest takes too much time to:

  • create pins
  • write content
  • pin it
  • Tailwind is too complicated (I agree)
  • to engage…

But Pinterest doesn’t have to take more than 10 min a day.

Now, listen to this short podcast on why Pinterest should NOT be taking you more than 10 min a day, and get some tips on how to improve.

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Ready to save time on Pinterest by:

  • getting it set up right the first time
  • knowing the best SEO keywords for your business
  • getting pin templates in place which will actually get clicks
  • setting up a pinning strategy that doesn’t take more than 10 min a day
  • knowing what to do after Pinterest starts working… so you can keep the traffic coming in more automated each day

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In Conclusion

If Pinterest is taking you more than 10 min, then you need to revamp your pinning strategy and content creation.

And finally, join me on Facebook by searching “Women on Pinterest” for more tips on how to save time on Pinterest with manual pinning.

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Pinterest Action Tip:

Set a timer and start pinning. See how much you can get done in a 10 min focus session.

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