Trying to figure out how to get people to click on your pins? Read these 4 tips on how to create a clickable pin to increase traffic to your site.

How to Create a Clickable Pin

It’s frustrating when no one clicks on our Pins after spending so much time creating them! So, let’s cover how to create a clickable pin to increase your traffic!

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Why you do you want a clickable pin?

First off, your follower count and impressions mean nothing if you aren’t getting traffic to your website.

Second, clicks to your website = your website seen + the ability to sign up for your email = more sales!

And how do you get that traffic to your website? By people CLICKING ON YOUR PIN. So… let’s cover that.

4 Steps to Create a Clickable Pin

1. Bold, easy to read text on your pin.

Yes! Even on those beautiful product images you spent so much time getting just right.

If you just have an image users will scroll on by because you aren’t telling them what to do, or they’ll save the pin for an IDEA. They have NO CLUE it’s for sale if you don’t tell them.

2. Your image needs to hint at what they’re going to see or learn

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, that means post people click from looking at the image and what is on it. So make sure the image lines up with what your post is about.

Don’t forget to your bold text over your image. 😉 Yep, just images alone will not create a clickable pin.

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3. Don’t give away the solution

If you tell them the answer to the pin, they’ll read it on the pin, and keep on moving without heading to your website (which is the goal right?).

Yes, even infographics. They get amazing impressions and re-pins, but rarely any clicks. If you do want to do an infographic, then go ahead and do the top 3, and find more here… send them to your site to get the rest of the info.

4. Have a Call to Action

Finally, a call to action is something you are telling them to do. Such as: Read Now, Click for more, download it.

Your call to action can be on the pin image itself and or the pin description and title.

We are so distracted, that users need WORDS telling them what to do to help them to click.

In conclusion

To answer our question “How do I make a clickable pin” the answer is be intriguing enough in your image so they want to learn more!

Pinterest Action Tip:

If you have a pin with just an image, create a new pin with your same image and follow these tips. See how it performs.

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