What Are Pinterest Best Practices?

You may find yourself asking "What are Pinterest's best practices"? Especially with all the major changes in late 2020 and early 2021

You may find yourself asking “What are Pinterest’s best practices”? Especially with all the major changes late 2020 and early 2021 have been bringing. Keep reading below.

But, if you’re just starting out with Pinterest and want to get off on the right step, then check out my free Pinterest course which will help you start with the best practices in mind (click the link below).

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What are Pinterest’s best practices?

1. Create Pins to help… not just sell

Pinterest is a platform to help users solve problems and give them ideas. When creating a pin, use good text to tell a story and make them want to learn more. This includes:
She gives you an email headline with a blank. For example “3 Mistakes you’re making with ____”. This made it WAY easier to connect the headline to my niche and start writing up an email.

  • Keep to the standard pin size. At the time of this post, it’s 1000×1500 px.
  • Include your brand/style, and logo
  • Add some text overlay (as much as you don’t want to add text to your beautiful images… you need to)
  • Use a good pin title and description to help your pin be seen in the search

Struggling with creating pins, check out this Pin Design Hacks mini-course and improve our designs even if you aren’t a graphic designer.

2. Optimize your Pinterest profile

This means making sure you actually spend time working on your profile. Don’t just slap up your business name, logo, some keywords, and boards.

Think about who you are helping, and how you can create your profile to best fit them because,

If Pinterest doesn’t know who you help by “reading” your profile, then you’re not going to get any traffic.

If you’ve already set up your profile, like ages ago, then go clean it up a bit. Here’s a post helping you clean up your Pinterest account.

3. Be consistent

Pinterest wants a consistent, honest, team player business that is going to show up. This type of entrepreneur creates consistent content, shows up daily (like 5 days a week-ish, it doesn’t have to be every day), and shares (and re-pins) valuable content. It doesn’t mean 8 million times a day, creating 7 brand new spanking pins each day, or showing up once a month, or once a week. It just means showing up, 5-10 min each day, the days you usually work.

If you want to learn how to be consistent in only 10 min day, then check out the Pinterest Organic Growth Academy here.

4. Add a Pinterest “save it” button to your website

Guys, the number of times I read a fantastic post and want to share with my audience, but the ONLY image I can use is a face from their bio, is embarrassingly way too many times. Just spend the 10 min getting one installed on your website (it really doesn’t take long at all, and makes a huge difference). This also allows other people can share your amazing content too!

5. Check your analytics.

Yes, check your analytics, but not daily! That’s too frustrating. Check them at least once a quarter… but if you’re really antsy, then once a month will do. See which pins are performing best, and which topics seem to be doing well.

You may find yourself asking "What Are Pinterest Best Practices?"? Especially with all the major changes in late 2020 and early 2021

In Conclusion

The answer to your question “What are Pinterest best practices”, isn’t super complicated at all. It doesn’t consist of pinning 5 times a day, at the “Best time frames”, making sure you schedule pins that are 7 days apart, and then 4 months apart. Pinterest’s best practices really aren’t that complicated at all.

If you want to learn how to be the best team player on Pinterest, following all their best practices, then check out the Pinterest Academy. This POG strategy you learn has been effectively used for 4+ years of algorithm changes!

How does it work? It follows all the best practices while spending 10 min or less each day on Pinterest. Magic? Not really, just strategy and an insanely organized mom with 5 kids who needs to use her time wisely. Check out the POG academy here.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Pick one of the best practices listed a above and focus on it.

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Live Pinterest Updates and Algorithm Changes

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