Manual Pinning VS Scheduled Pinning

If you’re just getting started with Pinterest marketing, it could be confusing to understand the difference between manual VS scheduled pinning.

Let’s start by defining the 2 types of schedulers, and digging into which is better. Listen or watch below.

Manual VS Scheduled Pinning

Listen Here:

Watch Here:

Action Step:

If you are die-hard on scheduling your pins, then test out the Pinterest native scheduler.

If you’re ready to develop a simple, strategic pinning strategy catered to save you time, and help you grow on Pinterest, then check out the Pinterest Organic Growth Academy. After Using the POG method, and getting their Pinterest pillars in place, students have seen a 50% increase in Pinterest engagement within 3 months.

In conclusion

Pinterest isn’t a strict But… you do want to make sure you are on the platform doing some type of pinning to see the best growth.

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Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?