Top 3 Ways To Grow On Pinterest

Ready to drive more traffic to your website and blog this year with organic Pinterest marketing? Here are 3 things you want to do to see Pinterest growth in 2022.


3 Ways To Grow On Pinterest

1. Use niche specific SEO keywords

Pinterest is a search engine. This means pins with the best keywords get the best traffic and clicks. There are 3 main places to search for keywords:

  • Pinterest search bar
  • Pinterest Trends tool
  • Pinterest ads tool

Spend about 30-60 min making a list of 10-30 keywords. You’ll want to use a combination of general, to very specific keywords through your Pinterest profile, and in your pin titles and descriptions. keywords can be anywhere from 1 word to 6 or 7 words long.

2. Consistent pinning

Believe it or not, you do need to be consistent on the platform to see growth. And by consistency, you’ll want to be pinning 5-10 min a day. 5 days a week. For at least 3 months to start picking up speed. It could take anywhere from 9-12 months to see your traffic start to pick up. You can quicken that time with this.

Pinterest needs to know you’re in it for the long-term plan. It also takes time for Pinterest to understand what your profile is about and place those pins in front of the right audience (that’s why your keywords are so important).

3. Read your analytics

I don’t meal take a look at your analytics every day. Pinterest is way too good at showing red and green numbers to freak us out.

Once a month dive into your analytics. See which pins are getting the most traction. Evaluate if it’s the photo, keywords used, board pinned to, or if it’s a “trend” for that month. Use your analytics to see what’s working, and create more content and pins based on what’s already working well.

If you aren’t sure how to incorporate Pinterest into your business strategy, read this.


In conclusion

The key to growing any business is making sure you know who you’re talking to, staying consistent, and building from what’s already working. In order to grow on Pinterest make sure you are using niche-specific keywords, have a consistent pinning strategy, and learn from your analytics.

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Pinterest Action Tip:

Dive into your analytics for 30 min and write down what’s doing really well.

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