How To Get Back Into Pinterest Marking (when you haven’t been on the platform in months)

Question: I haven’t done anything with my Pinterest profile in months… where do I start? but I’m not getting any traffic or sales. What does that mean?

If you’re looking to get started with Pinterest again after taking a break, here are 3 steps to take First off, let’s celebrate that you got set up months ago. Because while you haven’t been pinning on the platform, the fact that it’s set up with keywords for your niche, means Pinterest was cataloging it into their system while you took a break. Horray!

Psst… if you haven’t gotten your profile set up, but know you want to get started on Pinterest in the future, this is for you too.

Listen or watch below to figure out how to get back into Pinterest marketing.

Get Back Into Pinterest Marketing With This…

Listen Here:

Watch Here:

Action Step:

The BEST way to see growth in your business is by acting on what you’ve learned. Follow these steps below, take action, and grow with Pinterest marketing.

  1. Update your Pinterest keyword list
  2. Edit your Pinterest boards
  3. Start pinning (just a little)

In conclusion,

Bushing off those Pinterest cobwebs can feel like a major task. But many have done it before you, and many will do it after. The best thing to do is start now, there is no better time than refreshing your profile now. You will 100% thank yourself later.

It’s time to take the easy path to Pinterest marketing here.

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Charisse Merrill

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?