When Should You Use A Scheduler for Pinterest?

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Which Pinterest scheduler should you use? Should I just do manual Pinning? When do I actually need to use a scheduler with Pinterest Marketing? All common questions, let’s dig into if you should use a scheduler with Pinterest or not.

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There is a huge number of schedulers out there with Tailwind being the most popular, some in between, and ending with Pinterest’s own native scheduler.

But… if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you may have realized that I teach you all about manual pinning, and rarely use a scheduler at all.

Why I Recommend Manual Pinning

First off, in order to do manual pinning, it requires you to show up on the platform. Actively using the platform is “bonus points” in Pinterest’s eyes. Using the platform as both a creator and pinner will boost your Pinterest profile since you’re on the platform.

Second, manual pinning keeps you updated with all the minor tweaks and changes Pinterest makes. This keeps you familiar with the platform. When you’re familiar with something, you use it often, stay consistent, and see greater benefits because you are staying consistent.

It’s time to develop your 10-minute-a-day manual pinning strategy and grow your online business.

When Should You Use A Scheduler?

Aside from manual pinning, using a scheduler can be beneficial to your business. When you know you’re going to be gone for 3+ days from your business, going on vacation, or knowing you won’t have much time in the future, then go ahead and schedule some pins.

Side Note: It’s not a MUST to schedule your pins if you’re on vacation because you won’t be “punished” like on other platforms if you’ve already been consistent prior to vacation.

But I do not recommend ONLY scheduling your pins for Pinterest with a different platform.

Using a Pinterest Scheduler

I 100% recommend using the Pinterest Native scheduler. It allows you to schedule your pins while on the Pinterest platform, so it’ll boost your profile. Also, it keeps you familiar with Pinterest. If the native scheduler isn’t working, then it’s something on Pinterest’s end, and you won’t be punished. Whereas with another scheduler you might be using, glitches, you could see negative effects on the Pinterest side.

The Pinterest Native Scheduler (the scheduler on their platform) only allows you to schedule out 14 days in advance (if using a desktop) and up to 30 days in advance (if using a mobile device).

If you ONLY want to schedule your pins, and don’t want to do manual pinning at all, then do the Pinterest Native Scheduler so you’re on the platform.

In conclusion,

The key factor in whether you should schedule your pins or not is if you’re still going to show up on the platform. It’s OK to schedule some pins here or there or schedule all of your pins. Either way, you want to make sure you are showing up, pinning, on the platform in order to see Pinterest account growth.

Action Step:

Go ahead and try the Pinterest scheduler. Schedule 1 pin, or a few. Let me know how you like it.

Please comment with any questions you have below, or reach out to me in my free Facebook Group.


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