Why Is Pinterest A Game Changer For Your Business?

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You may have heard a number of times “You should be on Pinterest”.

But why?

Why should you invest the time in learning another social media platform for your business? Read now to discover 7 ways Pinterest can be a game changer for your business.

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7 Ways Pinterest Is A Game Changer For Your Business

1. Boost Exposure

That’s right. Pinterest is going to boost your exposure with over 450 million active users. It’s a large platform, which is well-known and widely used. Users come from a variety of age groups, and demographics. Pinterest is a great place to start when looking to boost your brand awareness.

2. Search Engine

One of the biggest things you need to understand about Pinterest users, and pinners, is that they are actively on the platform using it, looking for help.

Pinterest is a search engine, although we tend to call it social media. So think of it like Google but with photos and videos. Users are going to that platform to look for answers, inspiration, and ideas. If your business solves a problem and provides inspiration, answers, and ideas, then pinners are looking for your content on Pinterest. Your business can be found on Pinterest.

3. Visual

Pinterest is not only a search engine, it’s visual. More and more people are looking for visuals for their ideas and answers (especially those whose clients target younger generations). They love seeing pictures to inspire them, and videos to show them how. If someone needs visual help, they go to Pinterest over Google. If your audience prefers visuals over text and reading, then Pinterest is defiantly a platform you could utilize to attract more ideal clients.

4. It’s FREE For Businesses

Pinterest is a free platform to use for personal and business. But as a business owner, with a business profile, you get bonuses. They offer free training almost monthly. And the analytics regarding your pins helps you know exactly what to focus on, to keep growing.

The truth is, Pinterest is a platform that needs you, and your content. They wouldn’t be there, without business owners, like us, providing content for their platform. Pinterest has been striving hard over the last few years to make it a happy place on the internet where business owners and pinners both benefit. And both really do benefit.

5. Easier To Get Traffic

Google and Pinterest are both search engines. But, it is much harder (for most people) to get their SEO lined up in order to rank the top page in Google. Pinterest isn’t the case. Yes, you need good Pinterest SEO keywords, but it’s much easier to optimize your Pinterest business profile to show up in the feed than it is to optimize for Google.

6. Discover Your Audience

Using Pinterest analytics, you can find a whole background of information regarding your audience. What other topics interest them, where they are from, ages, demographics, etc. With all this information, you’re able to create more specific content around them, for them, targeting your client even more. This attracts pinners who need exactly what you have to offer.

7. Unbranded Searches

If you’re looking to get found as a small business with big competitors, Pinterest is a game changer for you. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means pinners don’t care about what your brand is ( in a good way). If you add value and can help them, then they will click on your pin. It’s an easy platform to get your pins showing up in the feed right next to the big-name brand companies (at least if you’ve optimized your Pinterest profile).

Action Step:

Decide HOW you’re going to use Pinterest marketing to grow your business. Pinterest is a game changer if you allow it to be. So, what are you going to focus on with it? Are you going to use it to increase website traffic, grow your brand, or get more leads? Keeping a goal in mind will help you understand how to look at the numbers and identify growth.

In conclusion,

Pinterest can be a game changer for almost any business. It might feel complicated at first, but doesn’t need to be. Follow along to keep learning about Pinterest marketing. Comment with your specific questions below and I’ll answer them.

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