I want to pay to play is common among business owners. So what do you think Should you promote a pin?

Should You Promote A Pin?

Many business owners ask. Can’t I just “Pay to play”? Short answer. No!

Promoted pins can be very tempting! Especially with how well some Facebook ads can work. So, another bit question is “Should you promote a pin?”

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Should you promote a pin?.

Why you don’t want to promote a pin

The biggest reason is because “most” (as in 90% of the business owners I’ve chatted with, and myself included) have seen a HUGE drop in traffic once the promoted pin is ended.

The second reason is that you can get such great reach and organic traffic, build your list, and massively increase your sales without ONCE using a promoted pin. This has been proven time and time again by MANY business owners!

When you can try and should promote a pin?

When you have a WORKING system in place to get leads and convert them into sales.

Why? Because there is no point in getting traffic to your site if you don’t have a way to capture them and turn them into leads.

You need a fantastic pin leading to a great post, with a great opt in, and a fantastic email sequence or sales call making that sale.

What you should NOT use promoted pins for

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Do not use promoted pins to increase your brand awareness and get traffic.

First, you are able to increase your brand awareness just by being a quality pinner with branded pins.

Second, like mentioned above, all that traffic won’t make a difference if you don’t have a functioning sales funnel.

Should you promote a pin? A top questions business owners ask when they just want to "pay to play" the Pinterest game. The short answer is

In conclusion

To answer our question “Should you promote a pin?” the answer is a very big NO for 99% of you ๐Ÿ™‚

Pinterest Action Tip:

Search your Pinterest analytics and see which pins are getting the most clicks to your website. Create 3 more pins similar to those.

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