How To 4x Your Pinterest Monthly Views

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Have you been struggling to see growth on Pinterest? Read below for 2 simple tips to 4 x your Pinterest monthly views.

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First off, it’s safe to say that monthly views aren’t everything. You DO want them and need them because views turn into clicks and save. The more engagement you have, the better Pinterest results you’ll get. But it’s not the metric you want to judge your success from. That key metric is from clicks and website visits, but more on that at a later time.

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4x Your Pinterest Monthly Views With This…

1. Show up consistently on Pinterest

This means either adding your own pins, pinning from your website, pinning from other websites, or re-pinning pins on Pinterest to your boards.

I always recommend my POG Students start out with pinning 3 days a week for just 3-5 min. Then try to increase that to 5 days a week. As Pinterest sees you consistently showing up, they start to trust you as a creator who shows up on the platform. This, in turn, gets any of the pins you pin, in front of more eyes.

2. Add new Pins

Next, start adding 1 new pin to your Pinterest boards once a week. New pins from your website, that you’ve made. (If you’ve been doing one a week, up it to 3 a week.)

This could be either a standard, video, or idea pin. Just adding new content consistently, will, again put you on the “good side of Pinterest as a creator and they’ll start showing your pins to more audiences.


Just by recommending these 2 things on free consult calls, others have been able to 4 x their monthly views in the Pinterest algorithm, and I know you can too!

Action Step:

Commit to either Action step number 1 (showing up consistently) or 2 (pinning consistently). But for the best results, do both!

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Final words…

As much as I LOVE Pinterest marketing, it will only work for you if you make a commitment and give it a try. Pinterest is a slow-game platform. It takes time to see the speed pick up, but using these tips will definitely help you see results quicker.

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