4 Pinterest Growth Hacks For Pinterest Marketing

If you’ve been struggling to see Pinterest growth this past year, or just looking to start Pinterest marketing in the new year, here are 4 tips that will work no matter the algorithm changes. 


4 Pinterest Growth Hacks

1. Optimize SEO Keywords

Whether you’re new to Pinterest or you’ve been on a while, I recommend (if you haven’t done so in the last 6 months) to spend 30 minutes researching SEO keywords from trends.Pinterest.com and on Pinterest (using the search bar).  Different keywords work for different seasons. Doing this will also allow you to see what is trending at the time. 

Use the keywords you’ve found and optimize your Pinterest profile with them. Include them in your:

  • profile title
  • profile description
  • boards
  • pins

2. Create New Boards

As you research keywords, or just find yourself on Pinterest, allow new board names to pop into your head.  I always recommend having at least 10 boards to start off with. You can add a new board every 6 months or so which are relevant to your ideal client’s pain points. This is a great way to keep seeing Pinterest growth.  Not only does it show Pinterest you’re growing your profile, but it also allows you to grow and stretch more digging in deeper into your client’s pain points. 

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is KEY TO PINTEREST GROWTH.  It is a platform that wants to make sure you are there for its users.  But, consistency doesn’t mean hours on the platform each day.  It can mean as little as 5 min a day if you’re just starting off.  My clients see HUGE spikes in traffic by just showing up consistently 5 min a day when they used to show up for inconsistent periods of time.


I highly recommend being on Pinterest for about 10 min each day. You’ll learn how to manually pin in 10 min a day in this class and see growth without feeling guilty that you need to be longer on the platform.  Any longer than that, and you’re spending extra, unneeded time on the platform. 

If you feel like Pinterest will take too much time, then I recommend reading this article.

4. Add Value

More and more Pinterest is wanting to see value on the platform.  Idea pins are a new way for you to add value to the platform, share your expertise, and allow Pinterest to keep the users on the platform.  You can add value via idea pins, or video and standard pins linking back to your website.

The following types of pins can lead to your account being marked as spam:

  • Pins leading to spammy websites
  • Pins which don’t add value or have a lot of ads on them
  • Pin which hare hook bait titles and don’t provide value

If you’re struggling to figure out what to link your pins too because you don’t have a blog, check out this post

In conclusion

When you follow these 4 basic Pinterest strategies, no matter the algorithm change, you’ll see Pinterest growth. 

If you currently feel like you are following “best practices” or are not sure how to manually pin in 10 min a day, then check out this class. 

Pinterest Action Tip:

Pick 1 of the 4 areas and focus on them for one week. Then move onto the next.

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Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?