40+ Pinterest Title Ideas To Improve Your Click Rate

Struggling to figure out the “best title” for your pin to get more organic traffic from Pinterest?

I’ll let you in on a secret, there isn’t a “best” title, but here is a list of 20+ Pinterest title ideas to get your gears running and come up with 3-5 “great” titles for your pins to add keyword variety.


40+ Pinterest Title Ideas To Improve Your Click Rate

Number ideas

Adding in a number to your tile helps with a few things. First, it tells the user how much they are getting. A user might be looking for 3 very basic ideas, and 25 of them could be too overwhelming. Second, it tells them how much time they’ll be reading to find an idea. 100+ ideas is more of a time commitment than 20 ideas.

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  • 5 Things Your ______ Needs
  • 4 Tips To ______ Your ______
  • 3 Elements To Improve _______
  • 5 Questions To Ask Before ______
  • 4 Habits To ______
  • 3 Proven Ways To _____
  • 5 Lessons Learned from _____
  • 5 Strategic Ways To _____
  • 4 FREE Ideas To _______
  • 3 Rules For ______
  • Top 3 Ways To ______
  • Start _______ In 4 Easy Steps
  • 3 Ways To Fix _________ Without ______

How To Ideas

The “how-to” phase is very popular on Pinterest. Users are constantly looking for how-to tutorials, and help.

  • How To Create _____
  • How To Use _____
  • The Ultimate Guide To ______
  • How To ______ Without ______
  • How To _________ In 1 Week
  • Become A ________ In 3 Easy Steps
  • How ______ Made Me ______
  • How Do I Get ________
  • Quick Ways To _______
  • How To Keep ______
  • How To Start ______
  • Learn How To Help ______
  • How To Make _______ In 3 days
  • How To _______ And _______


Buzz Words

When using buzz words, make sure you are still committing to add value. Buzz words can be tricky, and sometimes “too” negative and lead to “spammy” pins. They are a great way to get clicks, so make sure you add the value from that well-deserved click.

  • Common Mistakes ______ (hint: be careful with using too many “negative” words on Pinterest)
  • _______ Tips To _______
  • _________ Growth Hacks
  • 3 Pillars of ______ Success
  • 4 Secrets To ______
  • What ______ Aren’t Telling You
  • Key Benefits For ______ You Need To Know
  • The Truth Behind ______
  • Crazy Thing You Need To Know About _______
  • Never Worry About _______ Again!
  • Rookie Mistakes To Stay Away From
  • 4 Myths About _______
  • Insiders Secrets To ______
  • The Essential Ingredient To ______
  • Proven Tips To _____
  • The Easy Way To _____
  • Free Guide To ________


Question Pinterest Titles

Question titles are a strategic way to help answer the Pinterest user’s questions before they even ask them. Think ahead on what they “need” to ask, vs what are they actually asking.

  • 5 Questions To Ask Before _____?
  • Do You Struggle With _______, Do This Instead
  • Who Else Wants To _____?
  • Why You Can’t ______, And How To Fix It
  • ______ Vs ______, Which Is Better?
  • Should You _______ Or ______?
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In conclusion

I recommend trying 3-5 various pin titles for each pin image leading to a blog post, opt-in page, sales page, and landing page you send Pinterest users to.

If you’re ready to DIY Pinterest and learn an organic manual pinning strategy which only takes 10 min a day, check out this.

Finally, read this if you feel you are already creating pins that do well with clicks but can’t seem to get visibility.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Using the Pinterest title ideas to increase your click rate, pick one piece of content, and create 4 pins using 1 title idea from each category.

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