What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pinterest?

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Pinterest can be this big, ominous platform which is confusing to you, but others day how amazing it is. You can’t decide if it’s worth investing time in or not. In this episode, I dig into biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pinterest.

Lets dig into the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest marketing as an online business owner and entrepreneur.

Advantages of Pinterest

The Post Life Of Each Pin

1:28 The post-life I’m talking about is generally how long it shows on the platform, also known as life span of a post. With Pinterest, is 3 1.2 months! Compared to Tik Tok and Instagram, which are about 48 hours and Facebook which is about 90 minutes. Can you imagine having 3+ months to get one post to take off? That’s a long time to get traction, followers, views, saves, clicks.

The post life on Pinterest is nothing compared to any other social media platform. Imagine how much longer your content stays in front of the eyes. of users before kind of getting tucked away down the hole. That’s the biggest advantage because you spend all this time creating this valuable content and it doesn’t disappear in two days.

Pinterest Supports It’s Creators

2:41 Pinterest is there to support its creators. Creators are the people who are on the platform are entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, who add content to the platform. Without you adding value to Pinterest… Pinterest wouldn’t be there.

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Pinterest is a search engine, like Google and YouTube, but they need your content there to answer the user’s questions. As you’re adding value around main pain points and solving problems, Pinterest values that. They need and want as much content, ideas, and different opinions as possible. the only way a user actually sees that is by the keywords that you’ve added and the description and everything. The only way a user sees your post on Pinterest is because they asked for that help, and you put the content in there.

“This is amazing because people are looking for help and your content just pops right up for them to see.”

Keywords are super important too, you can learn more about those here.

Only Takes 10 Minutes A Day

4:20 Another advantage of Pinterest is it only takes 10 minutes a day to market your business on the platform. Personally, I know I spend at least 30 minutes a day on Facebook. And when I was on Instagram, at least another 30 minutes a day. These other platforms take more time because you have to engage and respond to comments. There’s a little bit of that on Pinterest, but it’s not a must to actually see growth.

It is the best platform for marketing if you’re an introvert. You can literally hop on the platform. Put your pins up there, hop off the platform and go back to your little hole and be an introvert or whatever you want.

As a mom of 5, Pinterest saves me a TON of time by only spending 10 minutes marketing, AND I can cut out Instagram completely. I save myself 30 minutes a day easy. If you don’t understand how you can get on and off Pinterest in 10 minutes a day then look at the Pinterest organic growth Academy where you’ll have your 10 min a day Pinterest strategy down, and cut your time growing on Pinterest in half.

Users Are Looking For You

5:37 The fourth advantage of Pinterest is pinners are there looking for the answer. They’re not there to mindlessly scroll because they’re bored. They go to Pinterest, it’s because they have a question. Or they’re looking for inspiration with an idea in mind.

If they aren’t on Pinterest with an idea in mind (you may think this is mindlessly scrolling), whatever is showing up in their home feed is actually based on their past history of search results. It’s not just Pinterest throwing out random content. It’s Pinterest saying “hey, this is what you’ve looked for before, maybe these ideas will help you”.

Users are on Pinterest to get help. They’ve already taken two steps towards moving in the direction of becoming your next lead because 1. they’ve asked a question in the search bar with Pinterest. 2. They clicked on your pin.

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Disadvantages of Pinterest

Leaning Towards Videos More

8:25 At this point in time, Pinterest is leaning towards video content. If you are an introvert and you don’t like doing videos, it is a little bit harder (but remember the 3-month post life, that’s a bonus). It doesn’t mean that you can’t grow on Pinterest because you don’t like videos, static/standard pins are still a thing, and very much-needed part of your manual pinning strategy.

Can’t Target Locally

9:04 The second Pinterest disadvantage is it’s difficult to target local places. So if you are a local company and you require local customers coming in, it’s not the best for you. It’s really hard to target those clients without paying high price for ads (which is a whole other episode regarding ads).

But, if you’re a local business and you sell products online, then that’s a little bit different. You could use Pinterest to market those products and services that you could sell and ship. But if you’re strictly local like a bakery and you can’t ship your products anywhere.

It’s Not Date Specific

9:41 Pinterest is not Date Specific. As a post has a 3-month life span, you could be launching a product for two weeks later and people won’t even see that pin for two months later. It’s not Date Specific because sometimes it does take some time for those pins to pick up speed.

Tip: If you’re doing a launch, and you put a pin up there for the launch and make sure that that landing page has something good on it post-launch so you can attract those leads.

The other thing that’s nice about Pinterest not being Date Specific is if you put something up there for Valentine’s Day, that Valentine’s Day pin will come back next year with Valentine’s Day. Date-specific holidays work well, but random dates, not so well.

Action Steps:

11:44 If you haven’t already signed up for the Quick Start Pinterest guide grab it now. Afterward you’ll know for sure if Pinterest marketing is right for your business and how to start.

12:12 Grab a blank sheet of paper and make five columns at the top (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Then, on the left side down make three to five rows (however many social media platforms you’re on). Next, for the next five days,I want you to write down an estimate of how much time you spent on each platform. Both writing a post or engaging need to be included.

Next episode we’re going to dig into this a little bit more and show you how to save 3 hours a week on social media so you could spend more time with your family (or business).

Final words…

The long-term effects and advantages of Pinterest are so much longer lasting than the disadvantages. I’d love to hear your thoughts and other advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest below.

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