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Social media can be extremely time-consuming as an entrepreneur growing your business online. And if you add a second job, kids, and life into it… it’s hard to find time to grow. In this episode, I help you save 3 hours a week on social media…

Links: Pinterest Trends, My profile for an example

Last Weeks Episode

If you joined me last week, we started our process of how to save 3 hours a week on social media. This week, we’re going to finish it up.

The first step was making a list of all the social media platforms you were on and then logging how much time you spent on each one for 5 days. With that handy, it’s time for you to do a little more research.

Why… is this needed to save time?

When growing my first business with 2 babies, and a husband out of town, I felt like I was constantly on the 3 social media platforms, but not seeing any success. And I was turning into a horrible mom because I was always on my phone.

It needed to stop.

This is when I did those 2 actions above.

What I found out was one platform (the one I was spending the MOST amount of time on), but was only giving me 1 website visit a month. The others were 3 x times that. I quickly decided to jump off that platform and used the extra time to focus on Pinterest.

The platform provides 30 website visits a month… and took the least amount of time. I started saving 3 hours every week because I wasn’t spending time on the 3rd platform, which wasn’t getting me anywhere in the process.

I challenge you to do the same.

Do a social media audit of the time you spend on each platform vs website visits (or leads) from each platform.

Determine if the time spent on the platform is worth the leads.

Psst… It’s 100% OK to drop a platform (even if it’s super easy to just post there too). You can keep posting there, but don’t allow yourself to suck your time away engaging if you’re not bringing in any leads.

This process then lead me to learn how to use Pinterest and maximize my time on social media.

Are you ready to build your 10-minute-a-day Pinterest marketing strategy and SAVE 3 hours on social media? This is for you.

Action Steps:

  1. Do a quick review of keywords and update your profile, then comment “Done” (this is from last week if you missed it)
  2. Review the website visits and/or leads from each platform and compare them to each other.
  3. Drop the platform giving you the worst results but sucking up most of your time.

Final words…

This beginners guide to Pinterest is meant to meet you where you’re at. Start on the step most relevant to you and comment “thanks” below if this was helpful.

Be 100% confident that PINTEREST is the right platform for you with this mini quiz


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