How to Rock Pinterest in 2021: Pinterest Strategy

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Struggling with Pinterest? Yeah, the end of 2020 has been totally rough house with Pinterest and some wacky changes!

The good news, I’ve talked with many of you to learn what you’ve been doing, what’s working and not work, and have set up your 2021 Pinterest strategy for you! Are you ready?

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How to Rock Pinterest: Your 2021 Pinterest Strategy

Head on over here for a quick video and learn how to rock your 2021 Pinterest strategy to get consistent traffic and growth to your webstite.

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1. Manual Pinning

First off, you want to check out manual pinning. Did I just hear you groan? I’m pretty sure I did! I”m sure when you hear manual pinning, you start picturing yourself spending hours a day on Pinterest. This is not the case… you’ll learn more in step 3.

But, Pinterest is leaning more toward manual pinners than Tailwind. Many users on Tailwind have seen a huge decline in traffic, and truth be told, you don’t need to schedule a ton of pins all day every day. This means, Tailwind isn’t needed anymore (can we say hallelujahfor saving money on our business expenses?!)

Manual pinning involves adding new pins, and re-pinning other pins in a very strategic way to maximize your traffic on Pinterest. Yes, it can be overwhelming and confusing to start… but when I walk you through it step by step, it’s super simple. As a mom of 5, I’m all about specific, simple, short and to the point activities to get success.

Manual pinning will do that for you. Read about why I prefer manual pining over Tailwind.

2. It’s all about fresh pins

Second, it’s all about fresh pins. I’m pretty sure I just heard another groan from you.

When I say it’s all about fresh pins I mean 1-2 fresh pins a day… not 5-10. Yes, you who have been overwhelmed creating 5 new pins every day for Pinterest. You don’t have to do that!

I personally only add one fresh pin a day, and it’s OK to add 2, but please don’t kill yourself by creating a ton and adding 5-10 pins everyday.

Also… please don’t ONLY use fresh pins as your pinning strategy, there is way more to it!

Read more here about how to create a clickable pin.

3. Consistency

Finally, before you groan again, consistency IS NOT being on Pinterest 3-5 times a day. Consistency IS NOT spending hours on Pinterest each week. Consistency IS showing up daily (3-5 days a week), and spending a consistent 5-10 min pinning on the platform.

Thats it?

Yes, that’s it! I grew my first business The Merrill Project, from less than a hundred visits a month to thousands by spending 10 min a day on Pinterest, 5 days a week. NO OTHER PROMOTION anywhere else.

It’s possible, 100% when you are consistent.

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In conclusion

After the way 2020 is ending with Pinterst, many of you feel like you’re just going to give up on the platform. I challenge you to stick it out a few months following these 3 tips for your 2021 Pinterest strategy. You’ve got this!! You will see success.

If you are 100% ready to save money, time and frustration and start manual pinning with specific organized, actionable steps, I guide you every step of the way in my Pinterest Organic Growth Academy check it out HERE.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Accept the Pinterest changes, and move with the 2021 Pinterest marketing flow by following those tips.

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