Manual Pinning vs Tailwind… which is better?

Manual Pinning vs Tailwind... which is better? If you've been utilizing Pinterest, then there's an 80% chance you are using Tailwind. But

For those of you looking to utilize the power of Pinterest to grow your business, then there’s an 80% chance you are using Tailwind. But… would you believe me if I told you that you could get the same success and even better if you ended tailwind and started using manual Pinning?

I mean, we all love apps to save time… which is Tailwind. But I’m going to let you in on a secret… Tailwind doesn’t actually save time. You can save as much time, when you implement the right strategy into manual pinning. Keep reading to learn more!

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Manual Pinning vs Tailwind

Head on over here for a quick video and learn about my opinion with manual pinning vs Tailwind.

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First off, there are a few reasons I really don’t like Tailwind, and I don’t recommend it to my clients either.

Why don’t I recommend Tailwind

  1. Costs money- like $15 bucks. As a new business owner, funds are hard to come buy, and consistent funds which need to come out each month are harder. It’s too to know you can succeed on Pinterest without Tailwind.
  2. Too much time- yes… I am on Pinterest 5-10 min 3-5 days a week. Not hours a week, an hour or less a week.
  3. So confusing- seriously though, who wants to learn another platform. Learning Pinterest is hard enough, save yourself the frustration and confusion and just don’t worry about Tailwind. Chances are you’ll only use about 20% of what it has to offer.. thus, leaving money on the table.

Why do I recommend manual pinning

There are a few reasons why I prefer manual pinning vs tailwind. Here they are:

  1. I get to start my workday focusing on my clients! What a better way to hone in what you do for your clients, and understand their needs than spending 5-10 min thinking of them, and pinning for them.
  2. It’s super simple, when you have an organized strategy and system in place. I mean, no worry about how many days apart, or hours apart, or best “time slots” to put your pins in.
  3. Way less confusing! You don’t even have to use the Pinterest scheduler (I don’t).
  4. Simple analytics. Tailwind has a huge slew of analytics… and you really don’t need all those to grow your business and see how your pins are doing. All the analytics you need, are the simple, to the point, ones Pinterest provides with your business profile.
Manual Pinning vs Tailwind... which is better? If you've been utilizing Pinterest, then there's an 80% chance you are using Tailwind. But

In conclusion

Don’t worry if you are still scare to take the leap to manual pinning! My clients have successfully spent 3 min a day with manual Pinning before saying goodbye to Tailwind and still saw the benefits! Manual pinning isn’t hard, and it doesn’t have to be.

If you are 100% ready to save money, time and frustration and start manual pinning with specific organized, actionable steps, I guide you every step of the way in my Pinterest Organic Growth Academy check it out HERE.

Pinterest Action Tip:

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start your free class "Pinterest Business Basics" today!

start your "Pinterest Business Basics" today!