How to Succeed on Pinterest with your Business

There are so. many. businesses. which FAIL on Pinterest. Why? And what can you do to change so you do succeed on Pinterest with your business?

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for almost all businesses. Many businesses fail on Pinterest but keep reading to find out how to succeed on Pinterest with your business.

Why do so many businesses fail?

The simple answer-> consistency, giving up, and wrong pins.

So, how do you fix these problems so you can succeed on Pinterest with your business?

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1. Be Consistent

Most businesses and entrepreneurs aren’t consistent with pinning 5 days a week on Pinterest. They hop on for an hour a few times a month and call it good.

Or, they “think” they are being consistent because Tailwind is pinning for them every day of the week.

But that’s not how you’re consistent.

Solution: Show up for your CUSTOMERS, not YOU! Show up on Pinterest (not a 3rd party app doing the work for you) and search for pins which will help answer their questions. Consistently add new pins to your boards to help them. Consistently add new pins from your website to help them. Keep creating new and helpful content which you can post on Pinterest.

That is how you are consistent on Pinterest.

2. Quit Giving up Early

Honestly, this is a common theme with entrepreneurs in general, not just Pinterest. But Pinterest is like the slowest moving platform EVER. On average, it takes you about 3 months to start seeing traffic and results. But it can bring you the BIGGEST results ever!!!

Think of it as a seed you plant. It takes about 7-10 days for the roots to grow before you ever see anything above the soil. Does it mean the seed is doing nothing? No! It means it’s growing and you just can’t see the results yet.

And what do you get from a seed? You get a humongous plant bearing loads and loads of fruit! All this comes from a little seed that is getting consistent water, light, and air.

So, find that consistent short strategy each morning and keep up. You’ll notice a difference in about 3 months. Don’t have a strategy? Set up a short chat and get one.

3. Your Pins are Wrong

Before I start with that, make sure you are focusing on the right metric so you can compare your results accurately.

How are your pins wrong?

First, you just an image on your Pin. This is where most direct sales and network marketers go wrong on Pinterest. They just pin an image of their product and expect to get sales. If you want someone to actually get a sale, then you need to have some time of awesome call to action convincing them to click on that pin.

Second, you try to jump the gun and go straight to promoted pins. Yes, they are way cheaper than Facebook, but you will still end up wasting so much money. The only time you should be going to promoted pins is when you’ve already got a fantastic pin giving you traffic and leads and/or sales.

Pinterest is NOT like Facebook or Instagram. Pins are so much different than ads on other platforms

-> Download your 6 Step Strategy to Increase TRAFFIC and SALES! <-

There are so. many. businesses. which FAIL on Pinterest. Why? And what can you do to change so you do succeed on Pinterest with your business?

In Conclusion

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can totally succeed on Pinterest! Stay consistent. Don’t give up. Focus on your pins and pinning strategy and you’ve got it! If you’re looking for a few more tips to succeed on Pinterest with your business, check out Pinning Your Way to Good Health and Good Business.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Grab a pen and paper and write down 3 ways you’ll be consistent on Pinterest.

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