Are You Doing These Things With Pinterest?

There are so. many. businesses. which FAIL on Pinterest. Why? And what can you do to change so you do succeed on Pinterest with your business?

As an entrepreneur using Pinterest, you want to be sure you are being as strategic as you can with it.


Because Pinterest takes time. So the longer it takes you to figure it out, the long it’ll take you to bring in consistent leads. Make sure you are doing the best things to maximize on the best traffic for your website.

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Since you’re ready to take on the awesome platform of Pinterest, lets get your started on the right track!

1. Using SEO and Keywords

Pinterest is like Google. They use SEO and keywords to help answer the users questions. Be sure you are using the BEST SEO and keywords for your target client, so you CAN target your client when using the platform.

Without SEO and keywords, they’ll never find your pins, which means they’ll never find you.

I’ve got an awesome SEO master class where I teach you how to find the best keywords here.

2. Branding your Pins

When you brand your pins to your website (similar color, text, feel, etc), it’s a much smoother route to them signing up for your email list or product.

They love your pin, and are expecting to find something very similar to it when they click.

Not only that, but when you brand your pins, as the user is scrolling through Pinterest, they’ll remember your brand and be more likely to click on it because they already have that connection with you.

3. Using Secret Boards

Are you using secret boards to hide all your “personal” stuff?

When your Pinterest profile includes boards related to our niche, but then many others which aren’t, it’s not only confusing to Pinterest but confusing to the users. They see you as a user not a leader in that field of expertise.

4. Being Consistent

The KEY to Pinterest (other than fantastic SEO) is being consistent. What every consistent means to you, you need to stick with it.

Hint: Being consistent DOES NOT always mean you have to use tailwind. I’ve succeeded with Pinterest in many businesses with ONLY a manual pinning strategy. Schedule a call and ask me how.

-> Download your 6 Step Strategy to Increase TRAFFIC and SALES! <-

As an entrepreneur you want to be sure you are being as strategic as you can. Why? Pinterest takes time. Make sure you are doing these things with Pinterest

In conclusion

As an entrepreneur or business owner please make sure you do these things to increase your traffic, get consistent leads and make more sales.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Read this to learn the #1 thing you’ll want to be focusing on with Pinterest statistics.

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start your free class "Pinterest Business Basics" today!

start your free class "Pinterest Business Basics" today!

start your "Pinterest Business Basics" today!