No Marketing Budget, No Problem!

No marketing budget? No problem! Learn how to get loads of FREE LEADS and traffic to your funnels and website using Pinterest for FREE!

No marketing budget? No problem!

I’m all about using your money wisely for investing in your business. And after quite a few flops with paid ads, I learned my lesson. Don’t pay for ads.

Learn how to get loads of FREE LEADS and traffic to your funnels and website using Pinterest for FREE!

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Why DON’T you need a marketing budget with Pinterest?

First, 99% of the time someone hops on Pinterest to look for an answer.

  • They don’t hop on for the boredom mindless scroll
  • They don’t hop on to see what their friends are up to.

Instead, they hop on because they need something!

This is FANTASTIC because the only way they will find YOU on Pinterest is because they already took that first step and started searching for help.

Please Don’t Do Promoted Pins

Second, please don’t use promoted pins! Why? Because they don’t work! The ONLY time it is OK to do promoted pins is if you have proof that your pin leads to a website that leads to a sale. If that’s not the case, then it’s called very expensive split testing.

How to use Pinterest with NO Marketing Budget

Head on over here for a quick video about how to get free traffic and leads using Pinterest with no marketing budget.

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1. You Need to Be Consistent

Pinterest values the consistent business owner and entrepreneur. They want to know you’ll be around providing awesome content and helping the platform grow for a long time.

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2. You Need Awesome SEO Keywords

This is how Pinterest knows who you help. As a result, the keywords and phrases in your profile and on your pins help your pins show up in front of the right audience. This is how the person who hopped on Pinterest looking for an answer (AKA warm lead!), will find your pin and head to your website.

No clue where to find SEO keywords and phrases? Check out this master class.

3. Make Sure Your Pinterest Profile is Set Up Right

Your profile needs to have SEO keywords and phrases in it’s name, description and boards so Pinterst knows who you help . When your profile had 50-100 boards ranging from DIY home improvment, to cooking, to new mom tips… it confuses the heck out of Pinterest and they won’t show your pins.

As a result, Pinterest doesn’t show your pins –> new traffic doesn’t get to you –> you end up paying for ads 🙁

Above all, if your profile is set up but you aren’t sure you’ve got it right, check out the Pinterest audit.

4. Pins Should Lead to Your Website.

In other words, your pins should not lead to your Facebook page or group and not to your Instagram. You’ve got your FREE warm lead, the last thing you want to do with them is take them to another social media platform to get distracted.

You want them to get directed on YOUR website with the AMAZING-NESS you have to offer.

-> FREE Pinterest Business Start-Up Guide HERE <-

No marketing budget? No problem! Learn how to get loads of FREE LEADS and traffic to your funnels and website using Pinterest for FREE!

In Conclusion

Finally, once you have everything in place with Pinterest (your profile, SEO keywords, pins leading to the right place), you can easily start bringing in FREE WARM TRAFFIC with no marketing budget!

So if you’re sick of spending time waiting for traffic to come to you, or getting no results, check out the Pinterest Academy. As a result, you will get a 3-year jump-start on Pinterest, and you’ll get a 10 minutes-a-day trick to keep you bringing in constant leads and traffic.

Pinterest Action Tip:

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