Why Sharing Content On Pinterest Is Important

One of the BIGGEST questions I get from newbie Pinterest business owners is “I am told I need to be sharing others content on Pinterest. Why would I want to do that?”

2 Reasons WHY you should be sharing content on Pinterest that isn’t yours.

1. You want to engage your followers

Your followers will see that you are pinning quality good content and the LOVE seeing those new ideas.

How do you know which is good content to pin for them?

You want to think of the top 3 questions they have, and find pins which will answer their questions.

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2. You want to engage your non-followers

Pinterest LOVES team players! They love seeing you pin good content and giving them fresh ideas to give their users.

Pinterest boots your profile and account as you continue to re-pin and share other content which helps answers others common questions.

2 Reasons WHY you should be sharing content on Pinterest that isn't yours.  How it helps you, and a tip to grow your profile.

In conclusion

Pinning both great content from YOUR site as well as others site is the best way to gain traction and build your Pinterest profile. In the long run, as you start pinning your pins then they’ll reach other audiences quicker since you have been sharing others content.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Think of the 3 questions your target clients are asking. Pin 5 pins to help answer each of those questions.

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