Repining: Why You Should Share Others Content on Pinterest

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One of the BIGGEST questions I get from newbie Pinterest business owners is “Why should I share others’ content? I mean, isn’t sleeping with the competitors kind of a bad thing?

No, it’s DEFINITELY not (well sleeping is), but playing kind is not! And honestly, thinking of them as “competitors” is the wrong mindset anyway. That is to say, we are all in this world working together to make it a better place with our business. If you didn’t have a competitor, then you most likely wouldn’t have your business.

3 Reasons WHY you should share others’ content

1. Engage Your Followers

As you share others’ content on Pinterest, you are giving your followers more content in their feed. As a result, they end up seeing many ideas and not just yours. Helping your target audience and sharing a variety of content (both yours and others) keeps them happy.

As a business owner, it’s important for your audience to have all the data before they make a decision to go with you. So sharing many sources of content helps them to get to know you, and your brand, and make the decision to work with you.

2. Engage Non-Followers

Above all, we know Pinterest isn’t all about followers (honestly, they really aren’t that important). But, you want to be engaging with non-followers because anyone on Pinterest is fair game with getting clicks to your website.

Pinterest is about keywords. Most importantly, MOST Pinterest users get on Pinterest to find something. They have a specific thing in mind they are looking for. So 98% of users go out and try that (per some statistic I read but can’t find the link)!

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As you provide quality content related to your niche on Pinterest, which means sharing others’ content too, Pinterest shares this content in the search feed of non-followers.

How awesome would it be to have someone click on your pin, go to your website, then test it out? That’s what you want! As a result, that connection with non-followers turns them into a follower.

3. Boost your Pinterest Profile

Finally, as you post new content and re-pin others’ content, you are giving Pinterest more pins to pick from.

But in all honestly, you need to keep Pinterest happy too. Pinterest LOVES fresh new content, and they LOVE re-pinned content. As you share other content from their website, you are giving Pinterest new content to add to the feed. Also, as you re-pin quality content to help your followers, Pinterest sees that you are playing as a “team” player.

And we all want to be team players so we don’t get kicked off the field, right?

So the more you pin (your pins or not), and the more engagement you get with those pins, the MORE Pinterest shows those pins. As a result, Pinterest will boost your profile.

As your pins are in the mix, then you will inevitably get more impressions.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, I can not emphasize enough how IMPORTANT it is to share others’ content on Pinterest. It is good for you, for them, and for those you are your target market.

Pinterest Action Tip:

Each day find 3 articles WHICH ARE NOT YOURS and pin them on Pinterest. Make sure these articles are ones that your target audience would want to read.

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Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

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