Who should NOT do Pinterest Marketing

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Using Pinterest to grow an online business, increase website traffic, and generate leads to your email list is an excellent idea when starting a business. But with that in mind, Pinterest Marketing it’s not for everyone. So, who should NOT be doing Pinterest marketing to grow their online business?

4 People Who Should NOT Do Pinterest Marketing.

If you are a business that….

Sells perishable items…

Pinterest has a huge reach all over your country and other countries. When selling products that are perishable you’re not going to get many local clients coming to you. Or, if you’re unable to ship to anywhere, then it’s best to avoid Pinterest marketing.


  • Single Donut/Coffee Shops (I’m not talking about big brands like Starbucks).
  • Perishable gift baskets (Candy bar, cookies, fruit baskets)

Relies on local customers and all your inventory is in shop…

As in you don’t ship any inventory. As a local business, that does not sell any courses or products online, you are a business that should not use Pinterest marketing.


  • Dentist office
  • Hair Salon

*Some* Rental companies

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Again, typically you’re going to get local customers with this. But either way, non-locals, no one will want to drive a few states over to rent something. I’m excluding the fact of moving companies with their trucks and trailers.


  • Home improvement equipment
  • House rental

Other companies which are local, and do not ship products or have any courses

It might sound similar above, but I really wanted you to understand. If you are a company that relies on local business but also has inventory online such as courses and products, then marketing those products on Pinterest is OK, but not the local aspect of it.

Example: My sister owns a hair salon in a small town. She relies strictly on local customers. Marketing her services on Pinterest may get traction, but a very small chance of getting a lead to come into her salon. BUT, if she sold online courses (DIY prom hair styles, how to color your own hair, how to give your baby a hair cut), then she could market those on Pinterest. If she sold products that she had inventory and shipped online, she could market those on Pinterest too.

It is important to note…

That although *most* companies can market on Pinterest, smaller niches do take a little more time to grow than larger ones. Not impossible, but they take a little bit more time to take off.

Action Step:

It is time to decide. Decide if your business will work or won’t work for Pinterest marketing.

If yes, grab your free Pinterest Quick Start guide here and learn how to set up your Pinterest business marketing plan to generate more leads, and website traffic, and make more money through your funnels.

Final words…

As much as I LOVE Pinterest marketing, and how so many companies rave about automating their funnels, Pinterest is not for everyone. Be sure to read the above and find out if your business is right or not for Pinterest marketing.

Please comment with any questions you have below, or reach out to me in my free Facebook Group.

Be 100% confident that PINTEREST is the right platform for you with this mini quiz

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