How To Write Pin Titles Which STOP The Scroll

If you struggle getting outbound clicks or even engagements on your pins, then chances are, you’re struggling with writing Pin titles.

How To Write Pin Titles Which STOP The Scroll

There are 2 important things you need to understand about Pinterest and creating scroll-stopping pins. Because it doesn’t matter how hard you work creating well-designed pins and research headlines if you don’t know these 2 things, then it won’t help you.

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The reason why these 2 things are so important is that when you know these, then you know how to talk to your potential audience and clients. When you know this, then you’re able to share that through your Pinning strategy, optimized SEO profile, and write better headlines and content for your audience. Pinterest puts your pins in front of a more specific audience who is directly looking for your content/products/services.

1. Who You Help

It is extremely important to know who you help because then you are more specific in your content creation and pin titles. You know exactly what they are looking for, and what they need help with. When you speak exactly to your ideal client, then they will be more attracted to you.

When you try to help everyone, then no one will be drawn to you.

So first off, who do you help? Mom? Dad? Parents? Teens? Teachers? Mompreneurs? Small business owners? Write that down, and be specific.

2. How Your Prodcut (or service) Helps Them

Yes, there really is a bridge between a Pinterest user looking for help and ideas to solve their problem, and how your product/service/coaching helps them bridge that gap. As you know exactly who’s looking for help (in #1), and how your product helps them (#2) then you’re able to bridge that gap in your Pin titles.

Example putting Step 1 and 2 together:

You help homeschool moms. Your products/digital downloads help moms find an easy curriculum to teach their 2nd graders. You have books, learning resources, and all kids of teaching tips. So in other words, you help walk a homeschool mom to teaching their child second grade.

Your Pin titles can be “2nd Grade Cirrucum for Homeschooling Moms” or “How to teach your 2nd grader math”.

The key is to make sure your Pin titles say who you help (to stop them in the scroll) and tell them how you help them.

The Final Step How To Write Pin Titles Which Stop The Scroll: SEO Long Tail Keywords

If all else fails, then be sure to find some long-tail keywords from Pinterest to fill in the gaps or a subheading. If you don’t know how to find keywords, then go to Pinterest, and in the search bar type in “teachers”. You will see Pinterest try to “guess” what you’re going to type next. “Teacher gifts”, “Teachers pay teachers”, “Teachers Christmas Gifts”. These are all keywords that Pinterest users type in to solve their problems. Long-tail keywords are typically over 3 words.

Get the latest Pinterest updates and how to adapt them to your strategy with this class *Updated Monthly*

In Conclusion

If you have been struggling writing pin titles that stop the scroll, it’s time to go back to the basics and make sure you know who you’re talking to, and how you can help them.

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Pinterest Action Tip:

Write down your “who” and “how”. Then spend 10 min searching Pinterest for long-tail keywords.

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