How Many Pinterest Boards Do I Need?

Question: How many Pinterest boards do I need to grow my profile effectively?

This is a super important question and a good one to ask. After performing more than 100 Pinterest audits, which range from 3 to 100+ boards… there’s one common theme that I find missing with your number of Pinterest boards.

Listen or watch below to learn the best number of boards you need to grow your Pinterest account.

How Many Boards Do I Need?

Before digging, it’s important to understand what Pinterest boards are, and how Pinterest uses them to grow your account. Let’s dive in and discover Pinterest boards and use them to grow your online business.

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Action Step:

Take a few minutes and list the main pain points you solve for your ideal client. I typically recommend having 3. From there, create 2-3 mini-boards for each pain point. This will give you a good start with your profile setup. You can also read how to use Pinterest boards to grow your business here.

BONUS SAUCE: If you have group boards, make sure you delete any boards that aren’t relevant to your niche anymore. Even group boards that aren’t active, or not pinning accurate content could affect your Pinterest profile.

In conclusion,

After you’ve gone through getting your boards set up, I highly recommend signing up for a Pinterest audit. There are various levels, all of which you will walk away with direct steps and improvements to grow your Pinterest profile fast.

Pinterest is a slow-moving platform. That means, it could take up to 5-6 months before you realize you have holes in your profile attracting the wrong audience, or worse, your pins not getting seen. Having a fresh set of eyes, experienced eyes, on your profile, and giving you tips to improve it from the start will help you reach your Pinterest goals quickly.

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Charisse Merrill

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?

Want Your Profile Professionally Made?