5 Steps After Getting Traffic From Pinterest

Question: I’m getting traffic from a pin, what can I do to boost this?

Yay! Pinterest is finally starting to drive traffic, that is so exciting! Here are 5 next steps to get the most out of your Pinterest traffic from that single pin.

Listen or watch below for what to do after a pin starts working.

5 Steps After Getting Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is known to provide most of its traffic from just a few pins. It’s important to ensure the places your pins are leading to, provide the best benefits to your business. Listen or watch below for 5 next steps to take to get the most out of your traffic from Pinterest.

Listen Here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/charissemerrill/episodes/Im-Getting-Traffic–Now-What-e2kp8ak

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/Kzwkvw3co5A

1. Celebrate

Your Pinterest profile can take 6-9 months to take off. So the fact that you’re finally getting traffic from a pin, is something worth celebrating. Pay attention to what pins are bringing you traffic.

2. Check your devices

Most pinners are on their mobile devices, but as entrepreneurs, we work from our laptops or desktops. Double-checking that no annoying ads or pop-ups are blocking the pinners’ view of reading the content they came from Pinterest is important to not getting caught in the “spam filter”.

3. CTA’s

While searching through your post, double-check that you have a call to action for the pinners next step. They’ve come this far to get your value, what else can you give them? Learn more about your Pinterest marketing funnel here.

4. Create more pins

If one pin already gives you clicks, this content is wanted. Create 5-10 more pins leading to the same URL. Keep on top of best practices to avoid pinning too many of the same URL’s.

5. Create similar content

Finally, create similar content to whats already working. For example:

A blog post doing well about getting traffic about Summer Vacation Tips could be turned into “5 things to do before every summer vacation” or “5 must-have road trip games”.

Or a post about “Beginner Blogging Tips” could have a similar content such as: “5 things your blog needs to succeed” or “5 things to do after your blog is set up”.

Create similar content aoud what pinners are already telling you they want (because they’re clicking on that pin).

Action Step:

Using Google Analytics or Pinterest analytics, find 1 piece of content that is doing good. Apply the above 5 steps and keep growing with Pinterest.

In conclusion,

It’s time to finally understand the 3 pillars of Pinterest to grow your business. Turn your impressions into leads and paying clients while you sleep. The Pinterest Organic Growth Academy WILL get you there.

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